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Xerography Debt #50

Xerography Debt 50

Xerography Debt 50

Available from Microcosm

To order a copy of this issue, please send $4.95 (order online, or send cash, stamps, money order, or check) to Microcosm Publishing

Cover Design includesAnne Thalheimer, Ayun Halliday, Carlos Palacios, Dann Lennard, David Robinson, David LaBounty, Davida Breier, Don Fields, Fred Argoff, Gavin Grant, Gianni Simone, Jeff Somers, Kathy Moseley, Ken Bausert, Kris Mininger, Liz Mason, TR Miller, Markell Raphaelson West, Matt Fagan, and Nina from Belgium


How Xerox Nearly Became the Printer of Xerography Debt - Joe Biel
The History of Zines: Turkey's First Fanzine - Donny Smith
Zines & Inspiration - Fred Argoff
Gloomy Sundays: The joys of dojinshi - Gianni Simone
It Means It's Wank: The Flex Space - Jeff Somers
Ya Gotta Laugh - Dann Lennard

Aj Michel
Anne Thalheimer
Carlos Palacios
Dann Lennard
David LaBounty
Davida Gypsy Breier
Donny Smith
Fred Argoff
Gavin Grant
Kathy Moseley
Ken Bausert
Kris Mininger
Liz Mason
Markell Raphaelson West
Matt Fagan


Index of Zines Reviewed in Xerography Debt #50

(un) Civil Society – Spectacle Inc The (Carlos)
A New Way to Fly (David)
A Very Baltimore Xmas (Davida)
ADHD Ain't a Joke (Davida)
After That! #61 (Dann)
All Our Bodies #1 (Anne)
Alternative Incite #3 (Davida)
Alternative Incite #3 (Ken)
Alternative Incite #3 (Kris)
Alternative Incite: Issue #3 (Markell)
Among These Dark Blueberry Mills Book One (Matt)
An Incomplete History Of Long-Gone Illegal Punk Venues In Boston From 2000-2015 (Gavin)
Anachronisms (Anne)
Anachronisms VII (Markell)
Artist Insecurities (Anne)
Awesome Things #3 (Aj)
Before I Forget 2020 (Davida)
Before I Forget 2020 (Ken)
Being Chronically Ill Sucks (Anne)
Brain Cell Life Form #1100 (Kris)
Break The Chain Vol. 4 (Carlos)
Brooklyn #104 108110 111 111-½ (Anne)
Bubble Tea (Anne)
Caboose #13 (Aj)
Caboose #13 (Davida)
Call Me Brenda #1 (Davida)
Cat Party #6 (Anne)
Cat Party #7 (Aj)
Chicken Scratchings (Davida)
Christian* New Age Quarterly Autumn 2020 (Ken)
Cinema Sewer #34 (David)
Clear Sight #1 (Carlos)
Clevo Style (Carlos)
Conspiracy Fun Book The (Dann)
Cul De Sac #9 (Aj)
Cul-De-Sac #9 (Davida)
Cul-de-sac #9 (David)
Depression Ain't the Sads (Davida)
Dirty South The (Davida)
Does This Count? Poetry from a Non Poet (David)
Drifting Cry Room Vol 52
East Village Inky #63 (Davida)
East Village Inky The #63 (Ken)
Emotions Are Weird (Anne)
Emotions Are Weird (Anne)
Eurohobo (Fred)
Every Morning (Kathy)
Excerpts From This (Gavin)
Facebook is not my diary (David)
Fat Black Girl in a Wheelchair #3 (Donny)
Fig Leaf (Anne)
Flotation Device #16 (David)
Flotation Device #17 (David)
Flowery #17 (Dann)
Flowery #17 (David)
Flowery #18 (Anne)
Forever and Everything #6 and #7 (Liz)
Fritkot (Gavin)
Fugitive Gardens (Fred)
Grey Matter Gravy #1 (Liz)
Grindhouse Purgatory #17 & #18 (Dann)
Handle With Care (Aj)
Handshakes Fist Bumps Hugs and High Five (Kris)
Handshakes Fist Bumps HUGS and High Fives (Markell)
Happy Tapir #7 (Ken)
Happy Tapir #9 (David)
Harrowing Tales from The Unknown #1 (Davida)
Hashtag Hardcore # 7 (Carlos)
Horsecorn #1 (Liz)
How To Afford Your Damn Meds (Kathy)
How To Say No (Kathy)
Hypno Video #15 & #16 (Dann)
I Don't Wanna Be Friends (Davida)
I'm a Magical Girl (Anne)
I'm Not From Here I Just Live Here #Dec/Jan 2021 #Feb 2021 (Kris)
I'm Not From Here I Just Live Here Oct and Nov 2020 (Fred)
Indigenous Noms (Davida)
Just A Jefferson #32 35 (Ken)
Just A Jefferson (Gavin)
Just a Jefferson Vol. 4 #10 (David)
Just a Jefferson Vol. 4 #11 (David)
Ken Chronicles The #57 & #58 (Dann)
Ken Chronicles The #57 #58 (Kris)
King-Cat Comix #80 (Davida)
Kinogram #1 (David)
Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet #42 (Aj)
Least I Could Do The #Jan. #Feb. #Mar. 2021 (Kris)
Least I Could Do The (Donny)
Least I Could Do The (Mar. 2021) (Markell)
Least I Could Do The Jan. Feb. and Mar. 2021 (Kathy)
Least I Could Do The Jan. Feb. Mar. 2021 (Ken)
Letter Exchange The #54 (Ken)
Living Free #169 (Dann)
Masked Avenger Magazine The #1 (Dann)
Mnrl Cvlt Field Report #1 (Matt)
Mondo Karaoke #1 and #2 (Liz)
Monsters Vol 1 (Anne)
My Tropey Life #1 (Ken)
Node Pajomo #2.6 (Kris)
Node Pajomo #2.6 (Matt)
Node Pajomo: Mail Art Zines Life 2.6 (Markell)
Not Dead Yet (Matt)
OCD Ain't a Word (Davida)
Out from the Void #3 (Dann)
Pastiche #1 (Matt)
Pencil Revolution Issue XIII Vol 11 No. 1 (Davida)
Pencil Revolution Issue XIV Vol 11 No. 2 (Davida)
Pencil Revolution Vol 1 No. 1-12 (Davida)
Pencil Revolution Vol 1 #5 And 6 (Fred)
Possessed #9 (Liz)
Proof I Exist #34 #35 (Kris)
Proof I Exist April 2021 (Markell)
Provinz Postille # 7 (Carlos)
Quarantine Town of Cincinnati (Fred)
Queer Werewolves Destroy Capitalism (Matt)
Ration Books #1 #2 #3 (Kris)
Razorcake #118 (Kathy)
Razorcake #119 (Aj)
Razorcake #120 (Anne)
Sad House (Davida)
Schlocktagon #1 (Ken)
Seeds of Spring #2 (Matt)
Self Care Project The (Anne)
Shards of Glass in Your Eye! #16 (Markell)
So You Think Your Cat Has Asthma (David)
So You Want To Make A Zine? (Anne)
Something for Nothing 79 (David)
Soulcraft # 3 (Carlos)
Spread #59 (David)
Spread #60 (David)
Stand Up and Laugh (Matt)
Submerging #4 (Ken)
Sure On This Shining Night (Anne)
Teenage Castaways #1 (Ken)
This Zine Has Issues #3 (Dann)
Tools On Tour #1 (Ken)
Tools On Tour (Aj)
Tools On Tour (Davida)
Tools on Tour (Donny)
Tools on Tour (David)
Top (Gavin)
Touch Your Self! (Anne)
Twilight World #27 (Kris)
Typo King The #69 (Dann)
Unf*Ck Your Mental Health Paradigm (Kathy)
Well-Tidy Scran (Gavin)
Weng's Chop #12.5 (Dann)
What's New Keanu? (Matt)
White Art Making Working Provisional Failure Failure Notes (Gavin)
Why Pout # 19 (Carlos)
Wizɘrd #1 (Dann)
Woke Parenting (Gavin)
Wonder of It All # 5 The Structure The (Carlos)
Wrestling Observer Newsletter (Dann)
You Ruin It When You Talk (Davida)
Zisk #31 (David)
Zisk! #31 (Fred)

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