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Xerography Debt #42

Xerography Debt 40

Available from Microcosm

To order a copy of this issue, please send $4 (order online, or send cash, stamps, money order, or check) to Microcosm Publishing

Cover Art by Bobby Tran Dale / Botda


Gloomy Sundays: Japan: Junk Paradise Lost By Gianni Simone
It Means It’s Wank: If a Zine Falls In a Forest and Nobody Reads It by Jeff Somers
Apparent Signs of Joy By Joe Biel
Zinethropology: Post-Traumatic Signature Disorder by Kari Tervo
The Zine Community By Ken Bausert

Aj Michel
Anne Thalheimer
D. Blake Werts
Carlos Palacios
Carrie Mercer
Dann Leonard
David Labounty
Davida Gypsy Breier
Donny Smith
Eric Lyden
Fred Argoff
Joe Biel
Kathy Mosely
Ken Bausert
Kris Mininger
Liz Mason
Markell Raphaelson West
Maynard Welstand


Index of Zines Reviewed in Xerography Debt #42

(For Scanners) (Kris)
5 Stages Of Recovery (Anne)
A Good Zine About Food (Dann)
A Semi-Recluse Semi-Luddite Lost in Meaningless Words and Life (Markell)
A Sermon from the Church of Two Wheels #1-2 (Joe)
Airport Travelogue (Carrie)
Another Occasional and Somewhat Random #mybikestory #1-7 (Joe)
Atomic Elbow, The #22 (Dann)
Atomizer #2 (David)
Atomizer #1, #2 (Ken)
Batbutt #2 (Aj)
Be Your Own Backing Band (Aj)
Bearqueft Comix #1 (Anne)
Bile & Syntax #2 (Carrie)
Bizarrism #15 (Dann)
Bizarrism #15 (Kris)
Blue Rose, The (Liz)
Book Of Teezus, The (Kathy)
Bookstores and Baseball: The 9th Inning (Kris)
Bowie x Ghibli (Dann)
Brooklyn! #94, #96, #97, #98 (Anne)
Burn Collector #15 (Kris)
Buskers #11 (Joe)
California Dreamin' (Kathy)
Calling Spots #23 (Dann)
Carless & Carefree (Fred)
Cemetery Gates Vol. 4 (Carrie)
Choo-Choo Charli: The Cat with the Train Track Back (Anne)
Choo-Choo Charli: The Cat with the Train Track Back (Davida)
Choo-Choo Charlie: Further Adventures (Davida)
Chorrada #18 & 19 (Ken)
Christian* New Age Quarterly Volume 23, #1+ (Kathy)
Clod Magazine #30 (Ken)
ColHERing Book (Joe)
Cometbus #57 (Kris)
Communicating Vessels #28 (Kris)
Complete Strange Growths, The (Aj)
Copy This #38 (Eric)
Copy This! #41 (Aj)
Copy This! #41 (Carlos)
Cries from The Gulag #1 (Ken)
Crudo Soy #7 (Carlos)
Dating: It's Not Relationshipping (and That's a Good Thing) (Blake)
Dating It´s Not Relationshipping (And That´s a Good Thing) (Carlos)
Difference Between, The (David)
Dithering Doodles #41-43 (Carrie)
Dr. Faith's Five Minute Therapy: Anxiety (Eric)
Dr. Faith's Five Minute Therapy: Coping (Eric)
East Village Inky #58 (Ken)
Eggy's Dead #2 (Fred)
Electric Nights #21 (Dann)
Erkek Doğrama Cemiyeti Manifestosu (Donny)
Exploitation Retrospect #53 (Aj)
First Line, The Vol. 19, Issue 3 (Markell)
Fracking Can Be Fun (Anne)
Fracking Can Be Fun (David)
Garfield Solves a Rubik's Cube (Liz)
Geneva13 #23 (Fred)
Getting over it (Maynard)
Ghost Cat, The (Blake)
Glitch Series, The 1-10 (Blake)
Gnaw (Liz)
Googly Eyes (Dann)
Happy Tapir #3 (Blake)
Happy Tapir #3 (Donny)
Happy Tapir #3 (Kathy)
Happy Tapir #3 (Ken)
Hearts Navigating the Sea (Joe)
Here’s What I’ve Hidden Under My Tongue #3 (Donny)
How Not To Give Up (Joe)
How To Be Alone (Dann)
Huckleberry Zine 4 (Blake)
Hypno Video #1-3 (Dann)
I Feel Like Shit Book (Joe)
Imaginary Etymologies #1 (Fred)
Impressions 1, 2 (Blake)
In All That Time (Kris)
In My Father’s Village (Dann)
Initiation (Kathy)
Japan Jaunt, Vol Ii, No 1 (Davida)
JND Ads & Contacts #13 (Ken)
Kamuke #11 (Dann)
Katherine: A Zine about Notable Katherines (Dann)
Ken Chronicles, The #43, #44 (Kris)
Ken Chronicles, The #43 (Eric)
Ken Chronicles, The #44 (Aj)
King-Cat Comics #77 (Davida)
Kitty Litter #1 (Joe)
La Palabra #1-11 (Carlos)
Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet #36 (Davida)
Last Night at the Casino #12 (Kris)
Letter Exchange, The Summer 2017 (Ken)
Living Free 159, 160 (Blake)
Local Vocals (Kathy)
Local Vocals (Liz)
Lost Art of Letter Writing, The #1(Fred)
Meaningless Conversations I Found Written In Old Notebooks (Dann)
Mineshaft #34 (Kris)
Minor Leagues #3 (Eric)
Mishap #36 (Davida)
Missives #1(Fred)
My Face (Paper Back) Book #7 (Aj)
My Face (Paper Back) Book #8 (Ken)
My Personal History of Race (Davida)
Never Kill a Boy on the First Date: A Buffy Fanzine #1 (Kris)
Node Pajomo #2.2 (David)
Not My Small Diary #19 (David)
Not My Small Diary #19 (Ken)
One Way Ticket to Cubesville #18 (Joe)
Our Best Shot (Aj)
Paint It Black (Dann)
Pencilled In #2 (Dann)
Pictures of Benevolence (Carlos)
Placement of Character (Aj)
Preoccupied with the History Department #1-2 (Joe)
Prodigal Rogerson, The (Dann)
Proof I Exist #27 (Davida)
Radical Chorus Workshop and Skill Share (Joe)
Railroad Semantics #1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 (Ken)
Razorblades & Aspirin #1 (Carlos)
Razorcake #98 (Carlos)
San Antonio Bound Death Sentence, #1 (Davida)
Sea Monster Hunter’s Cook Book, The (Dann)
Second Time I Died, The (Kris)
Sex Without Roles (Anne)
Shoeless Summer (Blake)
Shoeless Summer May, 2017 (Ken)
Simply True Detective (David)
Simply True Detective (Maynard)
Skunk Journals, The #1 (Blake)
Solomon (Kathy)
South Beloit Journal (Aj)
Spanish Civil War, The #4 (Kris)
Spot Tar Dots 1.2 (Blake)
Squid (Kathy)
Stay-At-Home Girlfriend, The #23 (Carrie)
Stratu’s Diary Comics Jan. 2017, Feb. 2017 (Kris)
Stratu’s Diary Comics Jun. 2017 (David)
Stratu's Diary Comics Apr., May, Jun. 2017 (Eric)
Stratu's Diary Comics Feb. 2017 (Anne)
Surviving (Maynard)
Tag Rope, The #10 (Dann)
Tale of Florence of A’Labia, The (Liz)
This is Your Brain on Addiction (Markell)
This Is Your Brain on Depression (Kathy)
Three Acts of Wayne Countryman (Markell)
Thrifty Times (Markell)
TraumaRama #1 (Fred)
TraumaRama #2 (Blake)
TraumaRama #2 (Ken)
True Fiction #11 (Dann)
Twilight World #23 (Ken)
Twilight World #23 (Kris)
Twilight World #23 (Maynard)
Twilight’s Early Gleaming #1 (Kris)
Unbridled Enthusiasm #3 & #4, (Ken)
Unbridled Enthusiasm, Vol 1, No 3; No 4 (Davida)
Veganarchy Chaos & Destruction #1 (Joe)
Vegans Guide to People Arguing With Vegans, The (Davida)
Victorian Vegan, The (Davida)
White Trash Can Olympics (Joe)
Wrestling #4 (Dann)
Wrestling Observer Newsletter (Dann)
Xerography Debt #41 (Markell)
Zinedepo (Fred)
Zisk #28 (David)

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