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Xerography Debt #41

Xerography Debt 40

Available from Microcosm

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Cover Art by Bobby Tran Dale / Botda


It Means It's Wank
Gloomy Sundays: Meditation on Perforation
Talk About ideas, Not About People
Twenty-Four Hours the Column!
Ken's Column: Tributes
Basic Stuff You Should Know

Anne Thalheimer
D. Blake Werts
Carlos Palacios
David LaBounty
Davida Gypsy Breier
Eric Lyden
Fred Argoff
DJ Frederick
Gavin J. Grant
Joe Biel
Ken Bausert
Kris Mininger
Liz Mason
Maynard Welstand
Stuart Stratu


Reading zines published in the last six months reveal a common thread of anger, depression, and the resolution to fight back. The current political climate is not isolated to the US. Shortsighted and self-aggrandizing political actions and fear of violence are a global problem, however unlike decades past, we are able to communicate globally.

Many of us who contribute to this zine have had hard times personally, politically, psychologically, and physically, and yet the urge to create overcomes those obstacles.

We are here because art, creating, and communication are forms of resistance. We are here because we are not one lone voice screaming into the night. And neither are you.

Join us.


Index of Zines Reviewed in Xerography Debt #41

A Is For Aspergers
A Tale From Beginningless Time
A To Z With Tom Rizzoli: A Primer For Boys On How Not To Behave
A Witch Named Koko
Accepting Failure
Adulting: How To Be An Adultier Adult
Amtrak: Adventures Through The South
Anonymous Literature Experiment
Aversion: A Zine Of Therapeutic Vignettes
Behind The Wheel: From Uber/Lyft To Taxi
Behind The Zines
Betty Paginated
Bizarrism: Volume 1 (The Revised And Expanded Edition)
Bloodiest Past Of Jingle Heimer S.V.S.
Bookstores And Baseball
Brain Cell Fractal
Bug Infested Comics
Cherry Blossoms In Bloom
Christian New Age Quarterly
Christian New Age Quarterly: A Bridge Supporting Dialogue
Cin Ayse: Kultur Sanat Edebiyat Fanzini (Aisha The Djinn: Culture, Art, Literature Zine)
Copy This!
Czech One II
Defriending: Navigating The Friendship Breakup
Dithering Doodles
Do-It-Yourself Guide To Fighting The Big Motherfuckin’ Sad
Enemy Combatant Catalog
Enemy Combatant Publications
Ever Evolving Bastion Of Freakdom: A Quimby’s Bookstore History In Words And Pictures
Field Notes On The American Sasquatch
Fix Your Clothes
For The Clerisy
Fuck Trump Club
Generative Interactionism
Girl W/Cat
Girlfrenzy to Cronefrenzy
Gore Grind Tardots
Happiest Choice: Activities To Do, Foods To Eat, Thoughts To Think, Nutrients To Fortify, And Other Ways Of Cultivating Happiness
Happy Tapir
Harvey And Me
Hash Brown Comix
Hiroshima Yeah!
How Mystery Science Theater 3000 Changed My Life
How Not To Kill Yourself : A Survival Guide For Imaginative Pessimists
How To Write Five Songs In Six Years / Aves Inferno: The Birds That Guard The Gates Of Hell
Huckleberry Zine
I’m So Punk: A Comic About Shitty Punk Boys
Indestructible: Growing Up Queer, Cuban, And Punk In Miami
It's All Downhill From Fear
Jane: Documents From Chicago's Clandestine Abortion Service 1968-1973
Ken Chronicles
Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet
Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet
Lady Parts: Life With (And Without) A Uterus
Last Night At The Casino
Leeking Ink
Les Carnets De Rastapopoulos
Let It Sink
Lowbrow Reader
Lower East Side Librarian
Madame Sata
Making Stuff & Doing Things (4th Edition)
Middle Planet
Midwest Leafletting Tour
Moist Girl Diary
Mountain Ranges Lit Up Like Rockets On Launchpads
Munster Times
My Face (Paper Back) Book
My Face [Paper Back] Book
My Face (Paper Back) Book
Out Of The Basement—From Cheap Trick To Diy Punk In Rockford, Il (1973-2005)
Overtime: Life In The Dungeon
Powdered Milk
Punk Rock Entrepreneur: Running A Business Without Losing Your Values
Purrsonal Mewsings
Raw, Extremely Necessary Manifesto
Republican Work Book: A Not-So-Subtle Look At The Conservative Perspective On America
Reviews Of American Films For White Power
Ristau: A Journal Of Being
Seriously? Yes.
Something For Nothing
Space Whales Take On Chaos: Chaos Is Our Queen
Stovetop Girl (She's On Fire)
Stovetop Girl, She's On Fire: Ballin' On A Budget
Tapping Your Way To The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
The 50 Flip Experiment
The Happy Loner
The Happy Loner (The WTF, 2016? Issue)
The Ken Chronicles
The Letter Exchange
The Life And Times Of Billy Roberts
They Act Human
Thou Shalt Not Talk About The White Boys' Club: Challenging The Unwritten Rules Of Punk
Three Acts Of Wayne Countryman
Thrifty Times
Tractor Talk: An Ode
Trauma Rama
True Stories From The Exciting Cycling Club
Twenty Dudes
Twilight World
Twilight World: My L. A.
Useless Records
Watch The Closing Doors
Welcome To Enigma
Who Am I. I Don't Know. Who Cares
Witches, Midwives And Nurses: A History Of Women Healers
Yet Another Ask A Cat
Zine Depo
Zinedepo/Motel Spatie: Generative Interactionism

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