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Xerography Debt #36

Xerography Debt 35

Available from Microcosm

To order a copy of this issue, please send $4 (order online, or send cash, stamps, money order, or check) to Microcosm Publishing

Cover Art by Bojan (Rigor Mortis) / Botda

Introduction 3


Postage in Perspective by Kari Tervo. 4
Gloomy Sundays by Gianni Simone. 5
It Means It's Wank by Jeff Somers. 7
Scene Report: Minot, North Dakota by Joe Biel. 8
What's in a Name? by Ken Bausert . 9
An Interview with Dale Spiers by Kris Mininger. 11
Twenty-four Hours by Josh Medsker. 13
Basic Stuff You Should Know. 15
Rachael House Comix. 36-37


Anne Thalheimer. 16-17
D. Blake Werts. 17-21
Carlos Palacios. 22-24
Davida Gypsy Breier. 24-29
Donny Smith. 29-31
Eric Lyden. 31-32
Fred Argoff. 32-35
DJ Frederick . 35, 38-40
Gavin J. Grant. 40-41
Joe Biel. 41-47
Josh Medsker. 47-48
Julie Dorn. 49-50
Ken Bausert. 50-56
Kris Mininger. 56-59
Liz Mason. 59-61
Maynard Welstand. 61-63
Stuart Stratu. 63-67
Index. 68
Zine Review Form. 71

A few pages were omitted by the printer. If you are missing pages 67-71, you can download them here.

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