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Xerography Debt #35

Xerography Debt 35

Available from Microcosm

To order a copy of this issue, please send $4 (order online, or send cash, stamps, money order, or check) to Microcosm Publishing

Cover Art by Bojan (Rigor Mortis) / Botda

Introduction: "What's He Building in There?"

Joe Biel: The Best of Intentions, The Weirdest of Methods
Gianni Simone: Gloomy Sundays, The Mail Art Interview project
Jeff Somers: It Means It's Wank, That Giant Sucking Sound
Josh Medsker: Twenty-Four Hours
Kari Tervo: Zinethropology
Ken Bausert: Pete's Mini Zine Fest
Kris Mininger: It Comes In The Mail: An Interview with Ned Brooks

Andria Alefhi
Anne Thalheimer
D. Blake Werts
Davida Gypsy Breier
Eric Lyden
Frederick Moe
Fred Argoff
Gavin Grant
Joe Biel
Josh Medsker
Ken Bausert
Kris Mininger
Liz Mason
Maynard Welstead
Stuart Stratu


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