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Xerography Debt #12

Xerography Debt
Issue #12
October 2003

Davida Gypsy Breier, Editor

Donny Smith, Co-Editor

Androo Robinson, Co-Editor

Fred Argoff, Eric Lyden, & Bobby Tran Dale, Founding Reviewers

Mark Hain, Matt Fagan, Gavin J. Grant, Dan Taylor, Brooke Young, Maria Goodman, Rick Bradford, Kate Haas, Gaynor Taylor, Julie Dorn, Kathy Moseley, Ted Mangano, & Stephanie Holmes, Reviewers

Androo Robinson and Matt Fagan, Artists

William P. Tandy, Proofreader

Xerography Debt is a Leeking Inc., publication. It is scheduled to appear 3 times a year. Issues are $3. Send cash/stamps, zines, and correspondence to: Xerography Debt
Davida Gypsy Breier
PO Box 347
Glen Arm, MD
21057 USA

E-mail: davida@leekinginc.com
Website: www.leekinginc.com
© October 2003

#13 Due out February 2004. You can pre-order today!
  • Cover by Androo Robinson
  • Back cover and interior art by Matt Fagan

To order a paper copy of this issue, please send $3 (cash, stamps, money order, or check) to Davida Gypsy Breier
PO Box 347
Glen Arm, MD
21057 USA

Distribution: Atomic Books, Quimby’s, SoberBrothers.com, Stickfigure Distro, & Tower Records

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Basic Stuff You Should Know
  • Announcements
The Columns
  • The History of Zines: Valerie Solanas By Donny Smith
  • The History of Zines: Zinesters in a Flowery Dell By Peter Brock
  • The History of Zines: Muckraker: In Fact and the Life of George Seldes By Cali Ruchala
  • It Means its Wank By Jeff Somers
The Reviews
  • Reviews by Dan Taylor
  • Reviews by Daina Mold
  • Reviews by Donny Smith
  • Reviews by Mark Hain
  • Reviews by Fred Argoff
  • Reviews by Brooke Young
  • Reviews by Julie Dorn
  • Reviews by Androo Robinson (only available in print version)
  • Reviews by Eric Lyden
  • Reviews by Maria Goodman
  • Reviews by Kathy Moseley
  • Reviews by Rick Bradford
  • Reviews by Matt Fagan
  • Reviews by Gaynor Taylor
  • Reviews by Kate Haas
  • Reviews by Ted Mangano
  • Reviews by Gavin J. Grant
  • Reviews by Stephanie Holmes
  • Reviews by Davida Gypsy Breier

Click here to go to the complete text of Xerography Debt #12. Sorry guys, I've been too busy to do all the handcoding I normally do and am relying on the computer to be faster than me. It went from Quark to text to Word to auto-converted HTML, so if it is screwy, forgive me. At least it is searchable.

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