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Xerography Debt #1

XEROGRAPHY DEBT #1 COVER "I think zining is the only thing where people get excited by the prospect of someone announcing that they'd like to take some money away from you."
Cali Ruchala
September 21, 1999

Once upon a time, when I was still a rube in the zine community, there was a zine called Epstein's Mother. It was a short review zine by Kevin Eldridge. Epstein's Mother contained reviews of zines that Kevin liked. It had not only a positive review of an early, awful Slow Leek, but also reviews of other zines that I would soon begin trading with. It was from this point that Slow Leek's mailing list began to grow.

This brings me to an age-old zine axiom: If I enjoy your zine, I might also enjoy some of the zines you enjoy. That is the purpose of this zine - Xerography Debt is a review zine about the zines I enjoy.

Getting a good zine in the mail is one of life's simple pleasures. Sometimes they are regular trades, sometimes I buy them, and sometimes they are completely unexpected. I wanted to tell people about the great zines I discovered and started off reviewing them in my own zine. That wasn't enough, so I began reviewing for Amusing Yourself to Death. I still knew about so many more great zines, but I couldn't write reviews for all of them...or could I? The inevitable has happened - I have started my own review zine.

I've wanted to do this for about a year. Initially, I wanted to do long in-depth reviews, but you would be amazed how many zines can amass in a year. For the first issue I am just going to list the zines that I enjoy reading the most and that I have received since January. I know I've omitted a few zines due to inappropriately placed dog urine, somehow losing issues, or giving them away. Next time the reviews will be longer. Consider this an introduction to zines you may see listed again.

I have several ideas about how I want Xerography Debt to evolve, but nothing is set in stone. One idea was to have a handful of people write 5 or so reviews about zines they enjoy. They could be recently published issues, theme reviews (for example: 5 zines by lesbian midget poets from the south), comix, personal, or all-time favorites. I would edit those together with my own reviews. If you would like to work on this with me, please contact me at PO Box 347, Glen Arm, MD 21057 USA or email me at leekinginc@hotmail.com

Zines with this symbol + indicate a favorite zine with the highest recommendation.

Most zines listed were trades, but don't be cheap, send some cash.

Auto-bio comics
Current issue #14 (August 99)
($1 + 55¢ stamp/ 7x8.75/ 20pgs)
Anne Thalheimer
377 S. College Ave.
Newark, DE 19711

Cool Jerk and Homogal
Satirical, funny superheroes. Sean does several other comics, including Jape, Untitled, and the pending Lysistrada.
CJHG #6 (1997) Untitled #2 (1999)
($1/8.5x5.5/20 pgs)
Sean Bieri
1028 Vinewood
Detroit, MI 48216

+ Cuckoo
One woman's true stories of living with Multiple Personality Disorder
Current issue #9 (Spring 99)
($2.75/6.75x10.25/28 pgs)
Madison Clell
Green Door Studios
2000 NE 42nd St. Suite 302
Portland, OR 97213

Drunken Master
Comics, personal
Current issue #2 (Spring/Summer 99)
(?$1-2/8.5x5.5/36 pgs)
Kiyoshi Nakazawa
3324 Rowena Ave #A
Los Angeles, CA 90027

A mix of auto-bio, funnies, & observation
Current issue #2 (Summer 99)
($2+2 stamps/8.5x7/24 pages)
Chris Larson
PO Box 297
Reno, NV 89504

+ Homoeroticon
Homos, horrors (both real and imagined), and lots and lots of wee-wees. Great art!!!
Current issue #4 (1999)
($4 ppd + age statement/8.5x11/66 pgs)
Bobby Tran Dale

+ Milepost One-Eleven
Beautiful comics. Personal, funny, and very enjoyable
Current issue #2 (Summer 99)
($2+2 stamps/8.5x7//32 pages)
Barrie Lynn
PO Box 297
Reno, NV 89504

My Small Diary
Auto-bio comics by Delaine
Current issue #2 (1998)
($1/8.5x5.5/28 pgs)
Not My Small Diary
Auto-bio comics by contributors
Current issue #6 (Winter 99)
($1/8.5x5.5/44 pgs)
1248 22nd St. S, C-2
Birmingham, AL 35205

+ Ped Xing Comics
One of the first zines I ever read and forever a favorite. Many titles offered.
Ignatz nominated for best minicomic. Beautiful!!!
($1/mini & digest/16-28pgs)
Androo Robinson
2000 NE 42nd St., Suite 302
Portland, OR 97213

Eye-catching art, good stories
Current issue #3 (December 98)
($1/8.5x5.5/24 pgs)
Sarah Oleksyk
66 Carlyle Rd.
Portland, ME 04103

Ten Foot Rule
Nice style, good storytelling
Current issue #SPX Special (September 99)
($1/8.5x5.5/20 pages)
Shawn Granton
170 Beaver St.
Ansonia, CT 06401

Time's Up
Interesting blend of auto-bio and fiction
Current issue #8 (February 99)
($1/8.5x5.5/28 pgs)
Patrick J. Lee
280 N. Florence St.
Burbank, CA 91505

Turtleneck Boy Charming comics
Current issue #2 (September 99)
($.50/4.5x5.5/16 pgs)
Suzanne Baumann
PO Box 1097
Farmington, MI 48332

+ Primordial Soup Kitchen Catalog and Zine
Intelligent and academic zine, great distro
Current issue #3 (summer 99)
(?$1/8.5x5.5/pgs 28)
Sean Guillory
PO Box 1312
Claremont, CA 91711

Secluded Universe
170 titles. Send a stamp for a catalog
Leah Urbano
PO Box 3191
Erie, PA 16508

Sweet story by Alden Scott Crow, illustrated by Androo Robinson
(September 99)
($2/8.5x5.5/12 pgs)
Alden Scott Crow
PO Box 445
Clements, CA 95227

Asinine Poetry
Poetry with a Brooklyn attitude
Current issue #10 (Spring 99)
($1/5.5x4.5/20 pgs)
R. Narvaez / Mongrel Publishing
261 Devoe St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Corvid Review
Long, serialized fiction, researched essays
Current issue Vol 1, #5 (Summer 99)
($3/8.5x7/30 pgs)
Dave Hatton
2659 Jackson Ave.
Merritt, BC V1K 1B1 Canada

+ Dwan
Lovely, erudite, queer poetry zine
Current issue #Swan 2 (Summer 99)
($2/8.5x5.5/44 pgs)
Donny Smith
PO Box 411
Swarthmore, PA 19081

Freaks, Geeks and Pipsqueaks
Tiny zine with 3 short stories
(August 99)
($1/2.75x4.5/20 pgs)
PO Box 21533
1850 Commercial Dr.
Vancouver, BC V5N 4A0 Canada

+ Imps in the Inkwell
Strong collection of poetry, essay, art and fiction based on a single theme
Current issue #7 Idol (Spring 99)
($2/8.5x5.5/76 pgs)
Calamity Jewelz
PO Box 6724
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Olive Pit
Excellent fiction and art. Short, but packs a punch
Current issue #2 (Spring 99)
($2/8.5x5.5/32 pgs)
Jenn Solheim
PO Box 744
Evanston, IL 60204

SlugFest, Ltd.
Very nice, thick selection of fiction & poetry
Current issue Vol 10, No 1, 2 (Winter 99)
($5.50/8.5x11/94 pgs)
Mike Nowak
PO Box 1238
Simpsonville, SC 29681

+ Skunk's Life
Nice variety of authors, stories and skunky information
Current issue #15 (Summer 99)
(2/8.5x5.5/36 pgs)
DB Pedlar
25727 Cherry Hill Rd.
Cambridge Springs, PA 16403

+ Ten Books
Friendly analysis of Frances' favorite books
Current issue #4 - H. Hesse (February 99)
(?$1-2/8.5x5.5/16 pgs)
Frances Biscotti / Spaghetti
PO Box 8782
Erie, PA 16505

Medley (a little of everything)
A Punk Kid Walks Into a Bar...
Snarky columns, music reviews, and news of Barclay's pet hamster
Current issue #13 (Summer 99)
($1/8.5x5.5/48 pgs)
PO Box 254
Rye, NY 10580

+ Have you seen the dog lately?
Amazingly intelligent and perceptive, mixed with all the best childhood has to offer
Current issue "Stickers in Pain" (July 99)
($1/8.5x5.5/32 pgs)
Jenny & Serena Makofsky and Megan Tucker
465 38th St.
Oakland, CA 94609

+ Low Hug
Good writing and topics from cover to cover. Well thought out and designed
Current issue #3 (September 99)
($2/8.5x5.5/36 pgs)
A. j. Michel
Station A
PO Box 2574
Champaign, IL 61825

Mr. HandyPerson
News, stories, and comments on home, living, memory, and Mr. HandyPerson's life.
Current issue Vol 6, Nos 3,4 (Spring 99)
($20 for 1 yr/8.5x11/36 pgs)
Mark Hetts
584 Castro St., Suite 421
San Francisco, CA 94114

Not Your Nightmare
Silly, nostalgic, and funny
Current issue "APE Issue" (February 99)
(?$1/8.5x5.5/24 pgs)
Kevin Eldridge
PO Box 184
Blackstone, MA 01504

Prozac(r) and Cornflakes
Articles, obsessions, and general fun
Current issue #6 (January 99)
($2/8.5x5.5/32 pages)
Kez Panel
PO Box 589
Moon, PA 15108

Interviews, articles, rants, lists, reviews
Current issue #4
($1/8.5x11/32 pgs)
Avalokitesvara Rowland
PO Box 52812
New Orleans, LA 70152

+ Spaghetti
Perceptive, introspective, literary, and brilliantly designed
Current issue #6 (September 99)
($2/8.5x5.5/20 pgs)
Frances Biscotti
PO Box 8782
Erie, PA 16505

+ Throwrug
Well-written, and usually very funny, articles. Movie, music and zine reviews
Current issue #23 (Summer 99)
($2/8.5x5.5/60 pgs)
Karlos the Jackel
PO Box 29378
Bellingham, WA 98228

Ten Page News
Essays, books, reviews, and punctuation
Current issue #26 (Summer 99)
($1.28/8.5x5.5/12 pgs)
Owen Thomas
PO Box 9651
Columbus, OH 43209

+ Transom
Charming. Books, interesting interviews, film reviews, DIY rubber stamps, personal stories
Current issue #4 (Autumn 99)
($1/8.5x5.5/28 pgs)
Jackie Campbell
PO Box 77716
Seattle, WA 98177

Trustworthy: A Personal Zine of Public Trust
Art, personal, fiction, essay. Lovely.
Current issue #12 (Summer 99)
($1/5.5x4.5/48 pgs)
Rachael Buffington
PO Box 6033
Atlanta, GA 31107

Personal Zines
B.B. Revenge
Throwing off condemnation and oppression with words. Nicely done.
Current issue #3 (1999)
(?$1-2/8.5x5.5/24 pgs)
Marla Dicarlo
120-02 103rd Ave.
Richmond Hill, NY 11419

+ Boys Who Wear Glasses
A well-written, introspective, shy delight! Absolutely wonderful!
Current issue #5 (Summer 99)
($2.50/8.5x5.5/60 pgs)
Mark Hain
PO Box 411
Swarthmore, PA 19081

+ Burn Collector
Extremely well-written examination of Al's life
Date unknown #8
Al Burian
307 Blueridge Road
Carrboro, NC 27510

Chicks Dig Scars
Well-written, honest, interesting, with a good writing voice
Current issue #2 (Spring 99)
($2/8.5x5.5/34 pages)
Dan Snow
PO Box 30336
Spokane, WA 9922

Fish with Legs
Raw, but well-written. Rants, observational, and an excellent letter to his father
Current issue #2 (Spring 99)
($1.50/8.5x5.5/20 pgs)
Eric Lyden
224 Moraine St.
Brockton, MA 02301

I am Johnny and I Don't Give a Fuck
Reads almost like a found letter. Great!
Current issue #3 (April 98)
($3/5.5x4.5/106 pgs)
PO Box 21533
1850 Commercial Dr.
Vancouver, BC V5N 4A0 Canada

+ Miranda
Reflections and thoughts from a well-traveled English teacher
Current issue #4 (March 99)
($1/8.5x5.5/28 pgs)
Kate Haas
3510 SE Alder St.
Portland, OR 97214

1000 Interlocking Pieces
Personal ramblings and monologues
Current issue # 5 (1998)
(couple stamps/8.5x5.5/20 pgs)
Jason Adams
390 Roxboro Pl.
Florence, SC 20505

Rejected Band Names
Moving from Tennessee to Berkeley, observations, essays
Current issue #2 (September 99)
($1/8.5x5.5/24 pgs)
PO Box 13838
Berkeley, CA 94712

Nice assemblage of personal stories
Current issue #2
($1/8.5x5.5/32 pgs)
Scout R. Finnegan
PO Box 48522
Sarasota, FL 34230

Personable personal zine
Current issue #6 (September 99)
($2/8.5x5.5/28 pgs)
Kathy Moseley
1573 Milwaukee Ave, PMB #403
Chicago, IL 60622

Ten Thousand Things
Personal, fiction, coincidence, defies exact categorization
Current issue #35 (Summer 99)
($1/4.5x5.5/24 pgs)
K.D. Schmitz
PO Box 1806
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

Artistic, vegan recipes, band interviews, columns
Current issue #7 (Winter 99)
($2/8.5x5.5/52 pgs)
Kristy Schmisty
Apt 203c - 1720 Baseline Rd.
Nepean, ON K2C 0B9 Canada

Review Zines
+ Amusing Yourself to Death
Thick review zine
Current issue: #15 (Spring 99)
($3/8.5x5.5/60 pgs)
Ruel Gaviola
PO Box 91934
Santa Barbara, CA

Indy Unleashed
Nice long reviews
Current issue #8 (Fall 99)
($1.65/8.5x5.5/16 pgs)
Owen Thomas
PO Box 9651
Columbus, OH 43209

Zine Guide
Thousands of zines listed
Current issue #2 (Winter/Spring 99)
($6/8.5x5.5/188 pgs)
Brent Ritzel and Jenn Solheim
PO Box 5467
Evanston, IL 60204

Specific Focus
+ Brooklyn
For the love of Brooklyn
Current Issue #26 (October 99)
($10 for 4/8.5x5.5/24 pgs)
For the love of maps
(Last issue #22)
+ Watch the Closing Doors
For the love of subways
Current issue #8 (September 99)
($10 for 4/8.5x5.5/24 pgs)
Fred Argoff
1204 Ave U. (#1290)
Brooklyn, NY 11229-4107

+ Contessa's Tome
A mix of non-fiction and fiction devoted to a singular historical figure.
Current issue Tome One (September 99)
($1-2/8.5x5.5/36 pgs)
DB Pedlar
25727 Cherry Hill Rd.
Cambridge Springs, PA 16403

Force Yourself
Well written and designed film zine
Current issue #4 (Summer 99)
($2/8.5x5.5/48 pgs)
Victor De Anda
1613 Barry Ave., #7
Los Angeles, CA 90025-4012

+ Guinea Pig Zero
A journal for human research subjects
Current issue #6 (Winter 99)
($3/8.5x5.5/58 pgs)
Robert Helms
PO Box 42531
Philadelphia, PA 19101

I Can't Stop Watching Bad Movies
Every movie Al Hoff watched in 1998
(Spring 99)
($2/8.5x5.5/32 pgs)
Al Hoff
PO Box 90282
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

MSRRT Newsletter: Library Alternatives
Radical librarians, reviews, articles
Current issue #98 (Summer 99)
($15 yr/8.5x11/12 pgs)
Chris Dodge
4645 Columbus Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Retail Hell
Work zine from a manager's point of view
Current issue #1 (Summer 99)
($1.50/8.5x5.5/24 pgs)
Frances Biscotti
PO Box 8782
Erie, PA 16505

+ Typograpunx
Font porno. Graphic design titillation.
Current issue iI (#9) (Summer 99)
($1/8.5x5.5/12 pgs)
T. Pickle
15 Churchville Rd., #115-163
Bel Air, MD 21014

Ugli Fruit
Humorous conversation about food between Maria Goodman and Mark Hain
(Spring 99)
($1/8.5x5.5/62 pgs)
Mark Hain
PO Box 411
Swarthmore, PA 19081

Yard Art
The Journal of Exterior Adornment
Current issue #1 (Summer 99)
($2/8.5x5.5/16 pgs)
Betty Maple
12827 Salt Creek Rd.
Millfield, OH 45761

Your Attention, Please
Essays on "outsider art"
Current issue #1 (August 99)
($2/8.5x5.5/22 pgs)
Suzanne Hackett
1040 N. Cordova St.
Burbank, CA 91505

+ Cloudland
Contemplative camping trip
($2/8.5"x5.5"/52 pages)
+ La Cuidad
Academic trip to Mexico City
($2/8.5"x5.5"/52 pages)
PO Box 2475
Culver City, CA 90231

About going places you're not supposed to go
Current issue #13 (May 99)
($1/5.5x8.5/28 pgs)
PO Box 66069
Town Centre PO
Pickering, ON Canada L1V 6P7

Modern Historically
A Jeff Zenick travel tale, complete with his trademark drawings
Issue #1
(?$1-2/8.5x7/32 pgs)
Jeff Zenick
3762 W. 11th Ave, #144
Eugene, OR 97402

Out of Order Goes Underground
Ode to the NY subway system
Current issue #13 (1999)
(?$1-2/8.5x5.5/32 pgs)
Peter Lewis
4653 Joy Rd.
Occidental, CA 95465

Spaghetti Dinner & Dancing
Trip to Yellowstone, personal and factual
Current issue #13 (July 99)
(two stamps/8.5x5.5/16 pgs)
Randy Spaghetti
PO Box 2536
Missoula, MT 59806

Zine Necessities
Grammar Q and A
Answers your grammar questions
(1 33¢ stamp/8.5x11/2 pgs)
Current issue #18 (September 99)
Alden Scott Crow and Misti Crow
PO Box 445
Clements, CA 95227

+ Musea
The newspaper for art revolutionaries and the zine community
Current issue #83 (October 99)
(free/8.5x5.5/8 pgs)
Tom Hendricks
4000 Hawthorne #5
Dallas, TX 75219

Zine Yearbook
The best of zines for 1998
Current issue #3 (1999)
($7/8.5x11/126 pgs)
Jen Angel
PO Box 353
Mentor, OH 44061

The Zinester's Etiquette Zine
If you are new to zines this will really help
(Fall 1999)
($1/5.5x4.5/16 pgs)
Hayley Alaska
4352 E. 4th St.
Long Beach, CA 90814

Zines by Cali Ruchala
+ Aspirins & Kalashnikovs: The Scaredy Cat Guide to Living Dangerously
Scary real life stories, including Belgrade during a revolution and Afghanistan
Current issue #1 (February 99)
($2/8.5x5.5/52 pages)
+ Degenerate
What your history teachers didn't tell you because they would have been arrested
Current issue #1 (September 99)
($2/8.5x5.5/64 pgs)
+ Delusions of Grandeur
A look at the Balkins, Yeltsin, Yakov Smirnoff, Kosovo, & Lenin's movie reviews
Current issue #5 (May 99)
Cali Ruchala
100 E. Walton #31H
Chicago, IL 60611

Zines by the Less than Humble Editor
Leeking Ink
Personal zine
Current issue #20 (July 99)
($1/8.5x5.5/28 pgs)
The Glovebox Chronicles
Personal stories, fiction, and art about cars
Current issue #6 (April 99)
($2/8.5x5.5/40 pgs)
Davida Gypsy Breier
PO Box 11064
Baltimore, MD 21212

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