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MetaZine: It's a Zine About Zines


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Part I: Zine 101
What is a Zine? 5
Why Create a Zine? 6
Examples of Zines 7
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, It Is Being Published 8

Part II: Making Zines, Tips and Tricks
How to Create a Zine: 14
Methods 14
Supplies 15
Legibility 15
Margins 15
Papers 15
Bindings 16
Templates 16
Printing Your Zine 18
Where to Print 18
How Many to Print 18
Where to Find, Trade, and Sell Zines 19
Where to Find Zines 19
Where to Buy Zines 20
Where to Sell Zines 20
Trading 21
Reviews 21
Zine Resources 22
Tips 22
About the Author 23

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