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Rigor Mortis #4 COVER

Vol #4 is $3.50 (+$1.50 s/h).
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Rigor Mortis Vol. 4, © April 2011
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Rigor Mortis #4

Introduction.....page 3

More Zombi Than Zombie: Race, Revisionism, and Voodoo Zombies.....page 4
by Dread Sockett

Mother, Jugs, and Peens: Great Moments in
Gratuitous (and Confusing) Nudity in Horror
.....page 22
by Dread Sockett and DeadVida

Tear it Up!: Willard.....page 28
by Grim Pickens

Queer Horror: Decoding Universal Monsters.....page 34
by Gary Morris and Bojan

Almost Zombies.....page 42
by Colin Cthulhu

Dub of the Dead:
That Other Italian Director, Mario Bava.....page 53
by Dread Sockett

Reviews.....page 60
About the Contributors.....page 69
About the Art.....page 69

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