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Z.E.D. Sampler



40 pages of end of the world fun!

Battling the apocalypse and zombie hordes is a never-ending challenge. We discovered a manuscript that we had to publish, as a matter of public interest. It will address some of those survival issues other guides tend to omit – like DIY cannibalism, skin care tips, and the realities of someone going from couch to bad-assed zombie killer (note: Dorito-breath does not deter zombies, just girls). In addition to all these handy tips that may save your life (or make you want to take it), is a recently unearthed (literally) comic starring horror comic legends. They will show you how to DO the apocalypse like it is fashion week.

To view a sampler of the issue:
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We are still conjuring the print edition but if you'd like to be notified when it is released email zombie@leekinginc.com.

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