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Portfolio - Photography
The Baltimore Series II, Inspired by Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore #2

Howard Street Clown
"Why not say what you mean?"
North Howard Street, Baltimore
Photo credit: William P. Tandy

North Point Blvd. Flea Market
"Sooner or later, everything comes to Dundalk."
North Point Boulevard, Dundalk

Natty Bo Sign, Charles St.
A tall cold one.
North Charles Street, Baltimore

Natty Bo Sign, Charles St.
"No chugging until beer has come to a complete stop."
North Charles Street, Baltimore

World's Largest Trash Can
"Pickup is every other Tuesday."
Russell Street, Baltimore

Refrigerated Bodies
"On ice, ice, baby..."
Route 40, Baltimore
Photo credit: William P. Tandy

Sieg Cal
"Sieg Cal!"
The Ripken Museum
Route 40, Aberdeen

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