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Links to Leeking Inc's Associates (Contributors, Reviewers, and Chums)

Eight Stone Press (William P. Tandy)
My Monster Hat (Anne Thalheimer)
The Hungover Gourmet (Dan Taylor)
Matt Fagan
Small Beer Press (Gavin Grant)
Vegie Tokyo (Hiroko Kato)
Ben Shaberman

Some of the best sites devoted to zines and small press:

Atomic Books
Chip Rowe's Zine Resource Guide
New Pages
We Make Zines

Some Fine Zines (also see Xerography Debt for additional zines and websites)

Slow Wave
Cuckoo Comic
Inner Swine
Synd Prod
My Small Diary
Reader's Guide to the Underground Press
Shouting at the Postman
Thrift Score

Links to Sites Davida Likes

Zinegeeks (e-group)
US Post Office
Girls Who Wear Glasses - super-cool free fonts
Chank Fonts
Internet Movie Database
Jeff Bridges' Site
The International Vegetarian Union
Vegetarian Shoes
Printing and Typography History
United Poultry Concerns
No Voice Unheard
HFS Books
Shelf Awareness

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