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Leeking Ink #34 COVER
Leeking Ink #34


January Blizzard
February Werewolves in Middle-Age
March Song of the Spring Peeper
April Avian Politics
May Harmony/Disharmony
June The Pastor and the Atheist
July Like Ramen Left Out in the Rain
August Please Don't Ask Me to Bring the Snacks*
September Grief and the Problem with Tenses
October Lucid Waking
November Fuck You, 2016
December Epilogues

I have no idea how to introduce this issue. 2016's motto should probably be, "WTF just happened?" I know I didn't capture that, nor did I capture much daily minutiae. Here's a sample what you won't find in the issue:
  • The move last year was one of the best decisions we ever made.
  • The house is a project, a sanctuary, and some days it is therapeutic.
  • I so enjoy coming home to Patrick, Garnet, my parents, and the animals each night.
  • I find the mouthfeel of most fruits disgusting.
  • Reading keeps me sane and much of my reading is done while commuting and cleaning the house/yard (audiobooks).
  • The chickens continue to delight me and, in December, we adopted two hamsters, Chelsea and Squiggle.
  • The roof was replaced in August, something that I've been intensely grateful for with the increasingly intense weather.
  • Patrick made two sets of shed doors and a small exterior door and the landscaping is starting to mature.
  • I figured out how to make vegan suet for the wild birds.
  • Saturday evening is often my favorite moment in the week. Patrick, Garnet, and I routinely pile onto the couch to eat dinner and watch a movie.
  • Garnet recently discovered MST3K.
  • I want to write a novel, but I am scared it will be terrible.
  • I attempt to respect people's privacy by not writing about them or at least not naming names.
  • Soup might be my favorite food.
  • One of the best perks about my job is having an in-house mailroom and being able to ship at the UPS rates work receives.
  • I make to-do lists constantly. I have list rituals. The only reason you are reading this is that it was on a list.
  • This issue contains 8,488 words.
None of these things represent the year, yet all of them do. This is part of what has made this year so difficult. Everything is important and nothing is important. There is an omnipresent unreality. There are protests in North Dakota trying to protect water and sacred lands, fascism and violence are sanctioned by our "leaders," children are being bombed in Aleppo, and climate change is threatening global ecosystems. All of these things have to be stopped. Many of us are trying. And yet, daily life goes on regardless.

This zine isn't important, yet I felt the need to make it. There is something comforting about making things. The feeling of powerlessness is overwhelming some days. Other days I recognize that I can do one small thing for someone and that is about all I have to offer. It is still something.

Today, what I have to offer is this zine, which remains a lengthy letter to friends.


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