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Introduction This issue is devoted to the minutia of daily life.

It is a collection of postcards and letters I might have sent if I had stopped long enough write them. It is an idiosyncratic blur of the last six months. There just wasn't time for details. These are the words I as able to grab as I whirled about in the maelstrom. It was a period of constant activity, new experiences, and resultant changes. I made strides toward goals I hadn't even thought of before. In many of the journal entries, I mention “the book." I wrote and designed a book, Vegan & Vegetarian FAQ , for work this winter/spring and it dominated my life. You'll see what I mean.

The vast majority of the entries were written on the #11 bus early in the morning, Penn Station in the afternoon, and in cars. (Not necessarily times and places I am at my best, but it was all that was available.) These are all points of travel and transition, waiting for the next thing to happen. That's what the last six months have been like - always in the middle of going somewhere. Even now, when I think that the burst of motion has subsided, I find myself writing this introduction on I-95 headed south at 65 mph. (I drive and write and walk and read all the time. Stupid, I know.)

If this is your first issue, I'm sorry. You really should have started with a previous issue or wait for #25 to appear. This one offers no beginning, middle, or end. Nothing stands alone. Each day builds upon the next. Nor does this issue offer any real incentive for perusal, other than the idle curiosity about another person's life. It is far less manufactured than "reality tv," so I guess it has that much going for it.

I am headed to the Pacific Northwest in three days. The trip is the first long break I've had since Patrick and I went to England a year and a half ago. The trip was my oasis in the distance. For now, read on and forgive these indulgent pages. I'll (hopefully) have a more traditional issue next time around.

Davida Gypsy Breier

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