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Leeking Ink
Started in 1995, this per-zine's whimsical content has included everything from office supply lust and desk obsession to vacations that include medical oddities, sharks, and b-movie star adoration.

Leeking Ink #35 COVER Leeking Ink #35
60 pages
January 2020

contents 1
introduction 2
from tourist to local 3
when life gives you eels 5
exploring the one-acre wood* 8
all about eels 43
glossary 48
epilogue 49
reading log 51

Leeking Ink #33 COVER Leeking Ink #34
36 pages
December 2016

January Blizzard
February Werewolves in Middle-Age
March Song of the Spring Peeper
April Avian Politics
May Harmony/Disharmony
June The Pastor and the Atheist
July Like Ramen Left Out in the Rain
August Please Don't Ask Me to Bring the Snacks*
September Grief and the Problem with Tenses
October Lucid Waking
November Fuck You, 2016
December Epilogues

Leeking Ink #33 COVER Leeking Ink #33
34 pages
December 2015

Introduction 2
January: Ireland 3
February: We are Our Own Dragons 8
March: A Unicorn of a Work Trip 11
April: Baltimore: April 27, 2015 14
May: Back to the Land 15
June: Bikini Madness 18
July: The Company of Chickens 19
August: With Apologies to Richard E Grant 22
September: Goldfinches 23
October: Being There 25
October: Pre-Dawn Thoughts: October 24, 2015 28
November: High Anxiety 31
December: Seasons of Birds 32
Final Thoughts 34

Leeking Ink #31 COVER Leeking Ink #32
28 pages
December 2013

It is just one big story about going to Puerto Rico.

Leeking Ink #31 COVER Leeking Ink #31
36 pages
February 2008

How to Move Forward
On Being Pregnant
Maternal Poetry
Everything You Have Ever Wanted
After Birth
Gardening For Cancer
How Frequent Flyer Miles Saved Me
From Becoming Margot Kidder
Permanant Obsessions
Crackheads Stole My Tofu
Food Stuff

Leeking Ink #30 COVER Leeking Ink #30
28 pages
January 2006

Retrospective (SL 1-5)
Tick-tock, Tick-Tock
Retrospective (SL 6-11)
Familial Flora and Fauna
Retrospective (SL 12-17)
It’s a Long Way from Temporary
Retrospective (Sl/LI 18-20)
Explaining the Stretch Marks
Retrospective (LI 21-29)

Leeking Ink #29 COVER Leeking Ink #29
36 pages
October 2004

I’ve learned to Love the Pigeon
The Glovebox Chronicles Revisited
Lost and Found
John Waters’s Baltimore
Past Imperfect
23 Feet from Bliss

Leeking Ink #28 COVER Leeking Ink #28
36 pages
January 2004

Still Life with Tattoo
Tattoo Related Book Reviews
Hell is 60% Cotton and 40% Hemp
Goodbye, Sophie
To Whom it May Concern, an Open Letter
The Awful Truth About Our Companions

Leeking Ink #27 COVER Leeking Ink #27
36 pages
February 2003

The Hardest Year in My Life
Stupid Things I Have Done Lately
Meeting Brad Dourif
Memories of Minnesota
Where Are They Now?: Bernie Goetz

Leeking Ink #26 COVER Leeking Ink #26
32 pages
October 2002

Shoe love, book love, dog love, nerd love, travel love, turning 30, and the obligatory journal entries.

Leeking Ink #25 COVER Leeking Ink #25
32 pages
January 2002

Work, Travels, Recipes, Baltimore, Horror films, Internet porn, & more. What more is there in life?

Leeking Ink #24 COVER Leeking Ink #24
32 pages
July 2001

This is the minutia issue, consisting of postcards and letters I might have sent if I had stopped long enough write them.

Leeking Ink #23 COVER Leeking Ink #23
40 pages
December 2000

This one is chock full of various articles, including an ode to an old typewriter, riding mass transit, going to Ohio, the usual journal entries, and much more. Bonus photos of Corey Feldman live in concert!

Leeking Ink #22 COVER Leeking Ink #22
36 pages
May 2000

Most of this issue is devoted to a 10 day trip to the UK where I would drive on the "wrong" side of the road, see dead babies in jars, and find true love (although I never quite get around to mentioning that).

Leeking Ink #21 COVER Leeking Ink #21
32 pages
November 1999

Hurricanes and ticks and geeks, oh my!

Leekink Ink #20 COVER Leeking Ink #20
36 pages
June 1999

Journal entries, mass transit fun, mocking my fellow vegetarians, and other light reading.

Vegan & Vegetarian FAQ COVER Vegan & Vegetarian FAQ
272 pages

Answers to your frequently asked questions about vegetarianism!

Signs You Are Doing a Zine COVER Signs You are Doing a Zine
12 pages (mini)
June 1999

"You start everything you write with 'I'm sorry this is late...'"
"E-mail vs. real mail is an issue you struggle with."
"You don't get the TR Miller jokes, but you laugh anyway, just so people think you are cool" Eric Lyden

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