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The Glovebox Chronicles #6 COVER

The Glovebox Chronicles #6

Table of Contents
Ignition Page 2
Notes from the Road Pages 3-4
To Drive is a Dream Pages 5-6 By Donny Smith
Mustang Blues Pages 7-10 By Victor De Anda
Reader SurveyPages 11-13
Fast Food Adventure, Hold the Meat Page 14 By DB Pedlar
Car Trek: The Next Generation Pages 15-16 By Kiel Stuart
A License to Kill? It Could Very Well Be Page 18 By Fred Argoff
Road Trippin' Page 19 By Bobby Tran Dale
Truck Skeleton Page 20 By Jeff Zenick
Roadtrippin' Pages 21-22 By R. Eirik Ott
Reader Survey Pages 23-24
The Rearview Diaries Page 25 By Davida Gypsy Breier
Brake Fluid Page 26 By Violet Jones
Nervosa Pages 27-28 By Sarah Oleysyk
Special to the Glovebox Chronicles Pages 29-30 By Al Cene
Reader Survey Page31
Chevrolet Signals Page 32
Reader Survey Pages 33-34
Cars in the News Pages 35
Rub Me and See Me Strip! Page 36 By Davida Gypsy Breier
About the Contributors Pages 37-38
Back Cover By Bobby Tran Dale and Front Cover By Davida

Fast Food Adventure, Hold the Meat By Drive-Thru DB Pedlar

After a contract meeting, I had to go to the Warren newspaper to see a couple of union members on another matter. The guy who was in the talks with me had to go there as well. After we finished, we walk outside and about 50 feet from where our cars were parked is a McDonalds. He said he was going to get some fries, I said okay and he started walking over. I said wait why walk clear to the front when we can just go to the drive-thru.

He said, "But we are not in our cars."

I replied, "So."

He looked at me funny and said, "You need a car to go to the drive-thru window."

I said, "Okay, pretend you are the passenger."

He threw his hands up in the air, "No way, I know these people."

I said, "So."

He shook his head no and walked to the front. I pretended I was driving a car and pulled up to the drive-thru window. The guy working there looks out at me and said, "Ah, can I help you?

I pretended to roll down my window and asked, "What?"

"Can I help you?"

"Sure, give me a small order of fries." After I hand over the cash, I ask, "How about my fries?"

He scratches his head, "You have to ... ah, .... drive up to the next window."

I smile and say, "Thanks."

A little grin on his face, he replies, "Ah drive safely."

I pretend to put the car in gear and proceed to the next window, where I received my fries and before the other guy who went inside I might add.

When he came out, he saw someone he knew and tried to explain that I forgot my car to them, hee, hee. Then he sort of walked at a distance from me back to our cars.

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