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Barbie's Adventures in Post-Millennial UK

Barbie Playing With Rachel and Jo's Toys

Barbie Playing With Rachel and Jo's Toys

Barbie Meets the Teletubbies

Barbie Riding the Tube

Barbie Shakin' It

Barbie Having Lunch in Front of Food For Thought

Barbie on the Beach at Brighton

Barbie on the Rollercoaster at Brighton

Barbie Being a Party Girl at a Squat in Hove

Barbie Loves Priceline

Barbie in the Roombed in Hove

Barbie Does Bad things

Barbie at the Urinals

Barbie the Speed Demon

Barbie Climbing the White Cliffs of Dover

Barbie in an Avalanche

Barbie likes Free Booze

Barbie Riding Back from a Night in France (Note change to outfit)

Barbie in the Highlands

Barbie Graverobbing

Barbie Ready to Roll

Barbie at the Bar

Barbie Being Eaten by a Welsh Goat...Poor Barbie

Portfolio 1 (Traveling)
Portfolio 2 (New York City)
Portfolio 3 (Baltimore)
Portfolio 4 (London)
Portfolio 5 (Barbie's Adventures)
Portfolio 6 (Flowers and Animals)

Portfolio 7 (Baltimore II)
Portfolio 8 (New Orleans)
Portfolio 9 (Snowstorm Boredom)
Portfolio 10 (3/15/03 Anti-War Protest)
Portfolio 11 (The Bahamas 2/2004)

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